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Magic Shape

by The Saurs

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Even if you want, even if you try, you will never touch the sky with majestic gloves. Even if you dare when there's no one else, you won't have the blessing of that kind of touch. Wait minstrel, sing it for the men. Tell the story again of the magic shape. Although I repeat, the things that I have seen. All of you won't realize the nature of its glory. Even now and then, in the distant lands, it's shown like a mirror, reflection of the thought. Wait minstrel, sing it once again. Share your wisdom and grace. Cast your magic spell. For the folk, sing for them.
Wax Flower 02:17
Turning to the left, waiting at the gates. Turning to the left, down the stairs, go on. Turning to the left. Hiding from the men, deep inside a maze. Waiting for the face that will make it glow. Turning to the left, down the stairs, go on. You won't understand, then let it grow as it wants.
Thursday 02:36
Spent too much time in a human wasteland. Waiting for the man, for the man to come. Now we’re on Thursday, I don’t know. Where do we go? Just I don’t know. If you could tell why it took so long… Spending all my days sitting on the basement. It’s getting on my nerves waiting for the hand. If I could see the clover from the other side, I would stop myself hitting on the ground.
I'm wearing a bag full of bones from all the people I've been stepping on. I felt so cold when you left me alone and now you're coming back for more. And I can't stand on my own feet. I'm just a nowhere man with nothing to preach. I've seen the unknown and I can tell. Now die for me 'cause ain't no deal.
Close-up 02:37
Close-up and your eyes wide shut. Raw footage, pictures on hold. Long distance now broken. Short breath misted over. Anxiety getting closer. Must avoid all contact.
How can it be destroyed? It's up to me and you. How could it be forgotten? Behind the pikes there was. A melting castle is what you're up to, not what you're praying for. How can it be destroyed? It's up to me and you. Behold and then, despair. The pike awaits for you.
Came To You 02:26
I came to you. You said you're on my way like a summer breeze. I came to you and now you're in my way like the summer breeze. You came to me and I guessed you would know my name. Why can't we try, can't we try to blow again the years we left behind? Why can't we try, can't we try to blow again? I came to you, so you said you were waiting for the blaze.
Knife 03:08
I saw it crawling from afar, right in front my eyes. I felt its breath only from above, tearing down the night. Some blood is dripping off the fence, dripping off the walls. We heard it creeping from afar. I saw it crawling from afar, right in front my eyes. I felt its hand slowly from behind, trembling with the knife. Eyes, eyes. Look what you've done to stare the sights. I can't see anyone.
Teeth 02:32
My teeth they bleed and sleep in dreams. A teenage feel I'd like to leave. Between the brink we'll starve today. My bleeding teeth, they rust my skin. I fell asleep, then joined the feast. My teeth they bleed and sleep, it seems. I'm in a dream, I'd like to leave. Between the brink we'll starve to death today.
The Court 02:54
All these years the holy crown has been waiting for the dawn. And the code, it will be shown. The end of the age to the court belongs. All those years were burnt at last. Nothing left to climb the walls. We are sitting on the hill. Beneath the trees we shall repeat: Whatsoever, it's still the same. The distance in a moment was tearing us apart. And the time we spent on our own, perhaps made us realize…
Flashlights 04:10
In summertime, at the end of sunlight, the mist revealed the path underneath the flashlights. In the old town, the villagers remaining locked up the doors and told their sons the menace through the whispers. Inside the cave there was a bunch of creatures. They fed from every foe that trespassed their kingdom. Hunting out of season. Three kids stepped out of the sunset to watch the crown, made of thousand wings, getting closer. Summertime feeds from you, how rude. Could it be that was untrue? Summertime is getting through the room you were hidden at the noon, how cruel.



released October 19, 2015

All songs by The Saurs: Sueiro (guitar/vocals), Engui (guitar/backing vocals) and Alejandro (drums/percussion).
Recorded and mixed by Jose Cattaneo at Aclam Records (Barcelona).
Mastered by Marco Rostagno at Hitmakers Mastering (Barcelona).
Produced by Oriol de Balanzó.
Artwork by Néstor Sevillano.
Released by El Segell Del Primavera on 12" vynil, CD and digital.


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The Saurs Barcelona, Spain

Sueiro (guitar/vocals), Engui (guitar/backing vocals) & Alejandro (drums)


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